The Benefits Of Bilingual Spanish-English Crosswords

Obviously, there are many benefits to having skill in two languages. As the Spanish speaking population continues to grow in the United States, the ability to speak both Spanish and English fluently will open many doors in many professions. A person with bilingual skills is highly marketable and any serious minded professional looking for a career in customer service, the medical field, education, etc. should seek to develop such skills.

Bilingual skills, however, only come with diligent practice of the basics. If you are currently studying to boost your bilingual ability in Spanish and/or English, doing a lot of crossword puzzles will radically increase your comprehension level. Ok, some of you may be shaking your head wondering how the crossword puzzles in your daily newspaper can boost your Spanish comprehension. Honestly, the crossword puzzles in the newspaper will only help half of the equation. Those particular crossword puzzles won't help you unless you are looking to boost your English skills exclusively. However, if you want to become proficient in learning English AND Spanish then spending a little time working on English to Spanish/Spanish to English translation crossword puzzles would be most helpful.

These fun "translation" puzzles can prove to be a great help in boosting your reading comprehension. In fact, if practiced diligently they can provide a tremendous help to a motivated student. Whether you are enrolled in a Spanish language course or are studying an "English as a Second Language (ESL)" program you will discover these bilingual crossword puzzles to be a huge help as they greatly aid in boosting your language proficiency. This is because the student will be able to practice spelling, word identification, grammar and even pronunciation. As such, the value of these crossword puzzles can never be overstated!

For some, this may seem like a radical departure from the common ways of learning a language. Usually, the way in which we learn a bilingual education derives from one of three environments: in a formal high school or college setting; in a special language school; or simply "picking it up" a language by ear. All of these methods have their positives and their negatives, but none of them have any value if one does not practice. This is where the bilingual crossword puzzles come in handy as they have the ability to provide a unique method of practicing your skills and keeping them sharp. While diving into Spanish-English crossword puzzles may deviate from traditional methods of leaning these puzzles do provide a fun, lighthearted method of keeping your skills sharp. Over time, this will pay huge comprehension dividends.

Remember, if there was one negative about practicing material you have learned in class it would be that you are essentially reviewing much of the same material over and over. Chapter one is finite in the information it presents. In fact, the entire textbook as a whole is limited to what exists within in pages. This can bring about a quandary: how do you learn material that is not present in the book? Usually, people will watch Spanish language programming looking so as to expand their exposure to the language. That is fine for speaking, but what about reading comprehension and grammar? This is where those bilingual crossword puzzles come in handy!

With these crossword puzzles, you will come across a number of words and phrases that you may not have otherwise come across. If you are unable to answer a particular puzzle question, you can then consult your translation dictionary to get the right answer. Obviously, this will yield huge results in improving your language skills...guaranteed. So, never discount the value of the brilliant concept of these crossword puzzles.

Ken Stiles writes on a variety of subjects. He owns The Pencil Puzzle Connection Website: Go here to find Spanish/English crosswords for improving your bilingual skills.

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